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Lindy Lou Productions

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Lindy Lou!

“Lindy Lou” is a feature film written, produced, directed, and starring local FNQ talent.

The film follows a young woman whose life is thrown into turmoil after a tragic loss. Constantly fighting the perils of rural life and the constant criticism and pressure from the community and her family. Lindy Lou takes on a dry and witty take to deal with her grievances which will leave audiences both shocked and laughing for more.

Lindy Lou Productions, Ring of Fire Productions and Channel 6 Productions are proud to announce Lindy Lou is ready and raging with positive reviews. After employing and upskilling over 85 local in the Cairns district, Lindy Lou has produced two original songs plus music videos and two trailers. Lindy Lou is a stand alone feature film at 52 mins in length and also a pilot for future projects in the making. 

Recently award three international film festival awards including two of Special Mention!

Look Out for Lindy Lou on up coming streaming networks! 

Lindy Lou Movie Poster small size.png

Lindy Lou Official Trailer #2!

Latest "Lindy Lou" News!

Lindy Lou Official Trailer #1!

"The Gift" By Patrick Mau Ft Casey Kaio Cynan
Lindy Lou Official Music Video

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